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½” Lead-free* female threaded 90º F1807 PEX ECO BRONZE® drop ear

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PEX History and Advantages
We know polyethylene as PEX (PE: polyethylene X: Cross linking). It was discovered about 50 years ago. PEX has been used for many parts in the plumbing industry including piping. Manufacturing this plastic involves irreversibly linking together the molecules making it stable at various temperatures and pressures.
This flexible piping solution to easily retrofit or install new plumbing throughout our homes. These PEX pipes now need unique connections which are known as PEX fittings. Another advantage of the PEX system is that the fittings are mechanical. Mechanical fittings tend to make installation quicker which reduces labor costs.

Plumbing Parts: PEX Connection Definition
PEX Fittings and Connectors: Since these fittings are mechanical, they often need a set of tools that tend to be specific to the manufactures PEX system. All fittings need to be certified by NSF, IAPMO, CAS, IGL or UL.

Basic Fitting Types for Connecting PEX Plumbing Pipe