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1/2” Lead-free* female threaded 90º F1807 PEX ECO BRONZE® drop ear


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Plumbing Parts Compatible with PEX

The Brass Warehouse has a variety of American made plumbing parts available. Whether you need parts for residential or commercial projects, we offer a wide selection for individual needs as well as bulk quantity and wholesale brass and plumbing needs. Our parts are compatible with PEX and are manufactured to meet the most demanding plumbing applications.

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PEX History and Advantages
Crosslink polyethylene was discovered about 50 years ago and since then it has been used in many applications including piping material used in the plumbing industry. We know this as PEX (PE: polyethylene X: Cross-linking). Manufacturing this plastic involves irreversibly linking together the molecules, making it stable at various temperatures and pressures. PEX properties allow for high impact strength, abrasion resistance, crack resistance and enables flexiblity through wide temperature variations.

What does this mean for our homes? It means we can use this flexible piping solution to easily retrofit or install new plumbing throughout our homes. These PEX pipes pair with a variety of plumbing connections to ensure all distribution needs are met. The PEX system fittings are mechanical which makes installation quick and easy, therefore reducing labor costs. PEX is changing the ease of plumbing installation across the country and our Water Armor PEX fittings are helping to make that happen.

Basic Fitting Types for Connecting PEX Plumbing Pipe
Pex Crimp Fittings, PEX Compression Fittings, Push-Fit PEX Fitting, Expansion Fittings and Press Fittings.

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