Brass Rod

Brass Rod Made in America

The Brass Warehouse is committed to being your best source for brass and bronze rod that delivers American-made quality. The companies we source from offer high performance brass and bronze rods and plumbing solutions for some of the most recognizable businesses throughout the United States. We’re honored to be affiliated with these American companies, selling American-made products.

Learn why The Brass Warehouse encourages you to buy brass rod that is made in the USA.
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The Brass Warehouse is your supplier for the highest quality, American-made brass rod products available in a range of alloys to meet your application needs. Brass rod can be ordered in a range of sizes, lengths, and shapes including round, square, hexagon, hexagon RC, and other shapes. Our brass rod products are available in U.S. customary units (imperial) as well as metric sizes (mm).  For the production of fittings and parts used in plumbing and water applications, The Brass Warehouse is proud to offer ECO Solutions – high performance lead-free brass (ECO BRASS®) and bronze (ECO BRONZE®) alloy rods that are highly machinable while offering dezincification and corrosion-resistance.

Brass Rod

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