American Made. American Proud.


The Brass Warehouse sources its products directly from companies in the USA. These American companies provide us high-performance brass rod and engineered products for some of the most recognizable industries throughout the United States. We’re proud to be affiliated with these companies – located in the USA, committed to American made products – and are thankful every day for their trust in our high-quality American plumbing products. We take further pride in supporting and servicing the needs of professional plumbers, homeowners, and companies who need individual parts as well as bulk quantity and wholesale orders for their projects.

We receive products from machining brass manufacturers, rod mill manufacturers, brass forging suppliers, machining bronze suppliers, machining brass suppliers, bronze bar manufacturers, brass bar suppliers, and machining suppliers.

5 Great Reasons

to Buy American-Made Brass and Bronze Products:

We hear the cry to “Buy American” everywhere in our country. What we wonder is why? Why does it matter? Here are 5 reasons.


American Standards: Organizations like the American National Standards Institute hold American-made products to high standards. These strict rules allow for a market that is built on reliability and trust when buying American-made products.


Financial Health: Spending your money in America not only supports American jobs, it adds resources to our tax system, lowers the need for support from our government and encourages additional spending to occur inside our borders.


Environmental Footprint: Buying American-made products is better for the environment. Why? It comes back to regulation. We keep strict environmental requirements within our factories, which makes a positive impact on the globe. In addition, the distance the product has to travel is less.


Human Health: Many countries do not have a minimum wage, which impacts the overall economy in those areas. Paying a fair wage for good work is part of what our country is founded on. Supporting this quality, standard of living keeps our country healthy.


Community: When you purchase American-made products you are not only helping the community in which you spend money, you are ultimately supporting the health of your nationwide community.

The Brass Warehouse is proud to sell American-made products. Holding the title ‘American-made’ comes with promise of quality brass and bronze, backed by American quality. The companies we source from offer high performance brass/bronze rods, engineered products and plumbing solutions for some of the most recognizable companies throughout the United States. We’re honored to be affiliated with these American companies, selling American-made products.

Thank you for considering American-made and thank you for considering The Brass Warehouse.