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1/2” Lead-free* female threaded 90º F1807 PEX ECO BRONZE® drop ear


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Drop Ears

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Water Armor PEX adapters are easy to install and offer superior quality, durability and strength. With no soldering, glue, unions or certifications required, it's as easy as cut, slide, position and crimp.

How To Easily Install Water Armor PEX Fittings


Measure and cut the PEX pipe evenly and squarely making sure it is free of scratches or debris.


Slide clamp or crimp ring onto the pipe then insert fitting into the pipe until it reaches the fittings shoulder.


Now position clamp or crimp rings 1/8 or 1/4 inch from the fitting shoulder to insure the ring is directly over the bars of the fitting.


If using a crimp ring, position the open jaws of your crimp tool over the center of the crimp ring. Keep the tool at a 90 degree angle to the fitting while completely closing the handles.