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C69300 ECO BRASS® rod is commonly used for plumbing parts such as valve parts, faucet components, pneumatic fittings, and fasteners because it has excellent machinability and is corrosion resistant. C69300 ECO BRASS® is also free of arsenic and bismuth. Bismuth is a contaminant to normal brass processing causing significant quality problems. Arsenic is poisonous and a health problem during manufacturing if not controlled properly.

Chemistry Composition:

Cu Si P Pb Fe Sn Ni Mn Zn
73.0-77.0% 2.7-3.4% 0.04-0.15% 0.09% max 0.10% max 0.20% max 0.10% max 0.10% max Remainder

Application: Machining-Forging

Chemistry Specification: ASTM B371

Lengths: 10 to 16 Feet

Bundle Weights: 1,000 – 4,000 lbs.


Shape Diameter (inch)
Round 0.375″ – 2.50″
Hex / Hex RC 0.375″ – 2.00″
Shapes Consult Mill

Diameter Tolerances +/- :

Diameter (inch) Round Hexagonal, Octagonal
>0.150″-0.500″ 0.0020″ 0.0040″
>0.500″-1.000″ 0.0030″ 0.0050″
>1.000″-2.000″ 0.0040″ 0.0060″
>2.000″ 0.20% 0.40%

Minimum Mechanical Properties:

Diameter (inch) Tensile Strength (ksi) Yield Strength (ksi) Elongation (%)
>0.150″-0.500″ 85 45 5
>0.500″-1.000″ 75 35 10
>1.000″-2.000″ 70 30 10

C69300 ECO BRASS® is widely used in the plumbing industry for potable water contact parts and is gaining acceptance as a bushing and bearing material. It is a boiler and pressure vessel code registered alloy. The alloy is an excellent bushing and bearing material. ECO BRASS® contains 3% silicon which gives it strength equivalent to some stainless steels and gives it superior stress corrosion cracking resistance compared to other brasses. The phosphorus content gives it superior dezincification resistance which is an important requirement in water applications. ECO BRASS® is widely used in the saltwater applications, sensor bodies, and thermostat parts. In industrial settings, it used for automatic screw machine parts, bolts, nuts, pneumatic fittings, pump parts, electric and electronic equipment parts, and valve stems.

ECO BRASS® parts can be produced by a number of methods, whether it be rod, forged, or cast, and easily accepts solder and brazing. In addition, it can be polished and buffed and can be Teflon coated and chrome or nickel plated.

ECO BRASS® is available in either round, hex bar, and hex bar with rounded corners. Specialty rectangle shapes can be ordered by consulting The Brass Warehouse mill. The Brass Warehouse sells C69300 ECO BRASS® brass rod in lengths of 10′ to 16’ and bundle weights between 1,000-4,000 lbs.

When you need to buy a lead free*, high-performance solution that often outlasts the equipment it serves, ECO BRASS® is the answer. The Brass Warehouse has ECO BRASS® C69300 stocked, ready for your job. Contact us today!

*These products comply with 0.25% weighted average lead content on wetted surfaces in accordance with Safe Drinking Water Act (SDWA) / Federal Public Law No. 111-380.




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