Basic Fitting Types for Connecting PEX Plumbing Pipe

  • PEX Connectors and Fittings
  • PEX Crimp Fittings – The Brass Warehouse sells these
  • PEX Compression Fittings
  • Push-Fit PEX Fittings
  • Expansion Fittings
  • Press Fittings

With the invention of PEX tubing, new fittings had to be created and these are appropriately called PEX fittings. There are several different types of PEX fittings to accommodate the various applications that may be needed. While new homes have the opportunity to run all PEX piping, most existing homes and buildings where you find PEX tubing you will also find copper tubing. To accommodate the varieties of copper tubing and PEX tubing, several versions of PEX and brass fittings are necessary. Common PEX and brass fittings and their plumbing applications include:

Crimp fittings complete the connections using a metal crimp, as the name suggests. The crimps used are copper or stainless steel and are crimped with a PEX crimp or clamp tool. PEX-to-PEX or PEX-to-copper or PEX to other materials are connected well with these fittings. This fitting is very popular as it can be used in a variety of applications.

This fitting is quick and simple to install. The complexity of the seal is all in the fitting itself, so all the plumber needs to do is press the fitting onto the PEX tubing.

These fittings contain three useful components – a compression nut, a compression ring, and a compression insert. These three pieces work together to secure the plastic PEX pipe. There are no speciality tools required, just a wrench and pliers, as the assembly is accomplished using the threaded nut against the compression ring.

The push fit fitting can also be removed if needed. A unique feature about this fitting is that it can be removed and replaced using a small removal clip.There is no special tool needed. This may be the quickest fitting of the set.

These fittings are used primarily by professional, residential plumbers. They require a press tool and press sleeve. These are similar to crimp fittings.

Many brass fittings will serve many applications. Selecting one that is most useful for your application and getting familiar with the installation will help guide your choices job to job. Always be sure you are selecting fittings made with lead free, high quality brass sources from the USA.

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