Brass Round Bar Stock Supplier

The building, machinery, equipment, transportation, and industrial markets use thousands of brass parts and those parts come from brass round bar stock. The Brass Warehouse is the leading brass rod supplier in the USA.

Because it is a relatively soft metal, brass rod works well for high-speed drilling, tapping, and milling operations with minimal wear on your tools. In addition, brass is corrosion resistant which makes it an excellent metal for water treatment, marine and coastal area, and industrial facility parts which are common corrosive environments.

Brass round bar stock comes in many alloys including: C36000, C69300, and C87850.

Brass rod can be cut into smaller pieces for melting, machinability, or hand working. Often used for decorative purposes, brass has a smooth finish, a gold-like appearance, and a natural antimicrobial characteristic. Brass round bar stock can be cut down from the 16 foot length to any length required. Brass is suited well for applications where electrical conductivity may be important along with good strength and low corrosion. For smaller projects or crafting purposes, brass is a great metal to work with.

One of The Brass Warehouse suppliers uses the extrusion process to manufacture the brass rod and supply to customers. The extrusion process has been used for centuries and is efficient, flexible, and refined. Brass round bar stock is made from a combination of new and at least 90% recycled brass that is collected when the brass rod is machined. The brass turnings and other excess brass is recycled back to their manufacturing site.

The Brass Warehouse works with a mill that produces millions of feet of rod every year. We can accommodate small or large shipments at the best interval for your processing needs.

Using a standard brass bar stock or brass rod shape and length make manufacturing logistics run smoothly. These consistent brass rods allow the companion equipment to be set up to hold, move and accommodate movement of the brass as various steps are taken toward the final shape of the brass.

Brass round bar stock comes in diameters ranging from .25 to 2 inches and can be as long as 16 feet. While we commonly ship in bundles of 1,000 to 4,000 pounds, we can also ship a single brass rod or smaller pieces and offer wholesale and bulk order pricing.

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