You’ll Find the Best Catalog of PEX Fittings at The Brass Warehouse

The Brass Warehouse product catalog offers American-made, lead-free bronze plumbing parts for residential and commercial applications, including a full range of plumbing parts compatible with PEX tubing.

Need a reliable supply of PEX plumbing parts? We’re your source! Check out our online product catalog for all our brass and bronze plumbing parts and components and order online today! Contact us about your bulk quantity or wholesale order needs, too.

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PEX Product Catalog Overview

The Brass Warehouse plumbing product catalog has all the PEX fittings you’re looking for! Our full line of quality, crimp-style PEX fittings are easy to position and crimp with PEX pipe crimp tools and crimp rings. PEX plumbing parts from The Brass Warehouse help you achieve professional results every time.

  • PEX adapters
  • PEX couplings
  • PEX drop ears
  • PEX elbows
  • PEX tees

Look for the E-Shield

When you need to find lead-free* brass options, look for the E-Shield throughout our plumbing parts product catalog. The E-Shield represents the ECO BRASS® and ECO BRONZE® lines of silicon-based copper alloys, including ECO products, compatible with PEX tubing.

Water Armor PEX Crimping Tool and Crimp Rings

The American made Water Armor ½” PEX crimping tool is your best choice for installing ASTM-approved pipe and tubing. Available for purchase through The Brass Warehouse online product catalog. PEX crimp rings are available in ½” and ¾” sizes and in packs of 25 or 154 pieces.

  • PEX crimping tool
  • PEX crimp rings

Brass Rod Product Catalog Overview

High quality, American-made brass rod and bronze rod are available in a wide range of shapes, sizes, and alloys to meet your needs. Explore The Bass Warehouse product catalog for details on brass alloy types, rod sizes available, rod lengths, and rod shapes including round, octagon, hex, and hex RC.

  • C36000 – Brass
  • C69300 – ECO BRASS®
  • C69300 – ECO BRONZE®
  • C93200 – SAE 660 – Leaded Tin Bronze
  • C95400 – Aluminum Bronze

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