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The Brass Warehouse is proud to meet the bulk and wholesale order needs of distributors and plumbers who require an extensive selection of plumbing parts and components. Our plumbing parts are suitable for commercial and residential new construction as well as for projects that need retrofitting or connecting to PEX parts. Our plumbing parts are certified for hot or cold water distribution and the use in potable water applications.

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Stock Your Truck With These 7 Essential Plumbing Parts

When a homeowner or building manager calls a plumber, they expect that a knowledgeable professional will arrive with a supply of the right plumbing parts needed to make repairs.

Great plumbers know that working with fittings and parts vetted through a trusted plumbing supply house like The Brass Warehouse assures them of high quality products and service.

So, how do you decide what parts to carry? Homeowners and commercial building managers commonly call on a professional plumber to fix issues such as …


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PEX History and Advantages

Cross-linked polyethylene, known as PEX, was developed about 50 years ago and is utilized today in many applications, including tubing and pipes/piping material used in the plumbing industry.

The properties of PEX make it stable, yet flexible, through a wide range of temperatures and pressures, allowing for high impact strength, abrasion resistance, and crack resistance when used in plumbing applications.

PEX pipes pair with a wide range of plumbing connections and fixtures to ensure all water distribution needs are met. The PEX system fittings are mechanical which makes installation quick and easy, ultimately reducing labor time and costs. PEX is changing and simplifying the plumbing installation landscape and our Water Armor® PEX fittings are helping to make that happen.

Have questions about plumbing part applications and terms? Visit our FAQ page.

basic fitting types for connecting PEX plumbing pipe

The Brass Warehouse offers American made, lead-free plumbing parts for residential and commercial applications. Our plumbing parts, fittings, and components are manufactured with ECO BRASS® C69300, a lead-free* alloy that resists corrosion, rust, mineral buildup, and also offers antimicrobial properties. Plumbing parts from The Brass Warehouse are compatible with PEX tubing.

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